This Dream Is Not for You

Learn to Live by Letting Go

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Sep 12, 2023

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The dreams we have for our life are dangerous. Here, speaker and Bible teacher Wade Joye encourages us to let go of our dreams, surrender our lives to God, and truly live.
“Follow your dreams” is the self-help message of our day. In our schools and universities, media and culture, and even in church, we are taught to dream big, work hard, and find true happiness in living our dreams. And so we spend our lives chasing. 

But in chasing our dreams, we are met instead with exhaustion, anxiety, and disappointment. Our dreams are put in jeopardy, we’re denied them, or they die. Or we achieve them and want more. 

Wade Joye offers here a different way. Release your grip on your dreams and trust God with your whole life. 

Joye shows that by letting go we are freed from the pressure to secure some ideal, unattainable life and become open to God and his plans. Living a life of daily surrender to God’s purpose, instead of striving to achieve a dream, we begin to see glimpses of God in our life and circumstances, as he shows us that he, more than anyone, can be trusted.

With deep wisdom, frank teaching, and a pastor’s heart, Wade guides readers step-by-step to the place of letting go, the place where we find real life.

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